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Franchisees & Teachers -

The team that makes everything sparkle!

Nicole Newman

Oxfordshire, Berkshire & North Hampshire

Nicole took a 3 year Diploma in Musical Theatre at D&B School of Performing Arts. Nicole and her team are absolutely fantastic, highly professional and will be delighted to dance with/and for your residents, offering Golden Toes® Seated Dance Classes and Engaging Shows and Performances. This team always bringing sunshine and sparkle to your homes!

For bookings and enquiries, please contact Nicole on: 07999 871886

Polly Fielder


Polly has a ISTD Diploma in Dance instruction, being an amazing Dancer and Dance teacher Polly brings a wealth of experience to seated dance classes and Show performances. Polly is a true professional and brings so much special kindness and compassion lighting up everyone’s day along the way!

For bookings and enquiries, please contact Polly on: 07866 671780

Lauren Snowden

Bath & Bristol East

Lauren gained a First Class Honours Degree in Dance from De Montfort University, Having a passion for Dance as a valuable tool to encourage social interaction, Lauren brings her skills with such compassion, fun and laughter. Lauren has a heart of gold that just makes everyone smile.

For bookings and enquiries, please contact Lauren on: 07518 160700

Alex Hewett

Portsmouth Franchise including Fareham, Havant, Bognor Regis and surrounding areas.

Alex has a strong background in Dance; Ballet, Tap and Modern and Musical Theatre studying at Performance Preparation Academy in Guildford. Alex is a fantastic Singer and Dancer and brings all of her teaching and performance skills & talents to her classes and Shows. Alex has a bubbly and soft personality that gently and powerfully uplifts her groups and audiences.

For bookings and enquiries, please contact Alex on: 07725 698298

Melanie Kane

Teacher & Performer

Melanie started ballet, Tap and Modern from a very young age. Melanie studied exercise to music and also taught aerobics. Later Melanie taught baby ballet and young children’s dance. Melanie has vast experience in Care, working with Children and Adults who are in need of high levels of support. Being Trained in Dementia Care and also as a Colour Light Therapist. Melanie brings so much warm hearted compassion, understanding, fun and laughter to her teaching.

Dorset, Salisbury, Wiltshire, West Hampshire and Surrounding Areas.

For bookings and enquiries, please contact the bookings team on: 07961 513262.

Sarah Stone

Teacher & Performer

Sarah is a professional dancer, teacher and community artist. She is passionate about making dance inclusive and accessible to all, whether as a participant or audience member. After graduating university with a degree in dance, Sarah has taught a range of ages and abilities, alongside performing professionally. Sarah loves how dance can bring people together and get people smiling! A great dancer & teacher and wonderful with all her participants.

Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Monmouthshire, Newport, North Somerset and Surrounding Areas.

For bookings and enquiries, please contact the bookings team on: 07961 513262.

Emily Butler

Teacher & Performer

Emily has Danced since the age of 3 years in Tap, Modern and Ballet – Advanced 2 in Tap, grade 7 in Modern, grade 6 in Ballet.

Emily has taught and facilitated Dance to all ages since graduating in 2013 from the Acting and Community Theatre course at East 15 Acting school.

With a passion for Singing and Dancing, Emily is highly experienced, vibrant engaging teacher and performer.

Coventry, Birmingham, West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Surrounding Areas

For Bookings and enquiries, please contact the bookings team on: 07961 513262

Edward Bye Benton

Teacher & Performer

Edward is a Dance Ba Hons graduate and also holds an Extended Diploma in Performing Arts. With a background of performing and vast care experience & qualifications, Edward brings so much patience, kindness and fun to his sessions.

A truly wonderful dance teacher and performer, who brightens up everyone’s day.

Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Sudbury, Newmarket and Surrounding Areas

For Bookings and enquiries, please contact the bookings team on: 07961 513262

call the booking line on: 07961 513262

Coming from a dance background I had no idea how to run a business. Golden Toes have given me so much support and guidance and are always a phone call away if I need any advice. I have learnt so much and I am continuing to grow my business. Even though you are self-employed they make you feel part of a family. Working for Golden Toes is so rewarding and you get to meet such inspiring people every day. Buying a Franchise is the best decision I have made.

Nicole Newman - Golden Toes Franchise Owner - Oxfordshire, Berkshire & North Hampshire

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