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Seated Dance Classes

Golden Toes®

The Caring Dance Company

Golden Toes® offer a specifically designed seated and/or mobile syllabus, for people with a range of abilities and particularly valuable for wheelchair users and those who are living with dementia.

Golden Toes® Seated Dance Classes consist of movements that gently stretch and transport your residents back to the feeling they are on the dance floor. For those who once loved to dance and for those who would love to learn.

A 45 minute session with a Golden Toes® specially trained dance teacher includes props and music:

The Benefits of Dance

call the booking line on: 07961 513262

"I would like to thank all the team at Golden Toes for their very creative sessions encouraging the residents here that have a very varied mix of abilities to engage in this dance and exercise programme . Professional staff that are very caring to the needs of the residents that will change on almost every visit they make to Green Gates . All instructions are very clearly spoken to enable all that are attending to join in making this a very good social interaction session . Instructors always on time and presented beautifully we have been working with Golden Toes now for over 4 years and will continue to do so as these sessions are very much enjoyed by our residents here and promote their independence and well being."

Wendy Putt
Activity Coordinator Bupa Green Gates, Summertown, Oxford