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Meet the Founders

Behind the Scenes

Like all great shows, we have an amazing back stage team that makes everything sparkle!

Breeze de Albuquerque
Co Founder & Creative Director

The unique Golden Toes® syllabus has been created by Co-Founder Breeze de Albuquerque.
Breeze began dancing at the age of three and trained in ballet, tap, modern, jazz and contemporary. She gained her first teaching qualification in 2007 and became a member of the IDTA (International Dance Teacher’s Association). She went on to teach a diverse range of dance styles across the country and widened her knowledge through further study. Breeze also has care experience which she intuitively combines with her dance knowledge when creating the Golden Toes® classes and shows. A highly qualified and experienced teacher for a wide range of students from 1 year olds to 104 years olds, Breeze has an absolute passion for bringing dance to everyone, whatever age, whatever ability.

Veronique Murdoch
Co Founder & Managing Director

Veronique has been the founder of several successful innovative businesses and has helped run and managed businesses over the last 30 years.
Veronique’s experience within the care environment started from a young age when her family owned a lovely care home on the South Coast, where Veronique entertained and organised engaging activities for the residents. Veronique has also worked with children and adults with disabilities.
Studying ballet at school, gymnastics to a high level and later ballroom and Latin, Veronique has always had a passion for dance, movement and music.
With a business mind, a caring background and a love of dance, Veronique, with daughter Breeze, created Golden Toes ltd.

Micheal de Albuquerque
Music Production

Michael is a qualified and knowledgeable sound engineer and producer with 30 years of writing and recording experience. His background includes being a published song writer and recording artist with a major UK recording and publishing label. He creates and records all of the Golden Toes music which is protected under copyright for exclusive use at Golden Toes Classes and Shows. The Golden Toes Class music is specifically designed to aid participation, evoke joyful memories, and be uplifting and inspiring. The original Golden Toes Show soundtracks are exuberant and captivating, bringing the choreography and songs to life.

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A couple of residents who are normally quite agitated and not engaging with staff or those around them were belly laughing at some points. Others who tend to just sit in their chair not really taking in their surroundings literally came to life and looked as though they really connected with what they saw and heard. Thank you for the show and we very much look forward to the December Christmas Special.”

Wendy Martin, Activities Co-ordinator, Green Pastures Christian Nursing Home, Banbury

The Caring Dance Company